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Thematic Areas » Evaluate exercises

 »  Theme 1: Know about yourself
 »  Theme 2: Know About the Job Market
 »  Theme 3: Develop Yourself For Your Career Path
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 »  Evaluate exercises
(since 01/01/2007)
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You are invited to choose materials and exercises for career guidance from the CareerGUIDE Forum. The materials are related to the three thematic areas and you may implement them at school and during your work as a career counsellor.


Please, support the identification of best practices and evaluate the materials after implementation.



How to evaluate the exercises/tools?


  • log in to the CareerGUIDE Forum
  • open the thread which contains the exercise you have implemented
  • follow the link to the online questionnaire (you find it in the first reply of the thread)
    • chose your language
    • read the short explanation
    • answer three questions

>> repeat this evaluation process for every tool/exercise you have implemented


If you would like to share any detailed experiences you have made in the implementation process, please write it as a reply in the related thread.



If you have any problems please contact: Claudia Boerner

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